WordPress plugin development

We build custom WordPress plugins

While working with WordPress websites we have come across some impressive and not so impressive plugins.

Plugins generally need to cater to a large target market, otherwise they can’t survive.

The problem with this is that they need to do a lot, which leaves you installing a huge slideshow plugin to only use a simple image slide. This results in a slow site and a poor user experience.

To keep our sites performing exceptionally we decided to focus on building our own plugins and only using a specially chosen list on our sites.

This have given us a unique insight and ability to build WordPress plugins tailored to specific use cases.

We have built fully functioning learning management systems for schools and bespoke plugin functionality for charities.

If you have a plugin you would like to build and launch or custom functionality you would like to add to your WordPress website. Contact us at hello@tigmo.com.au with the subject “Plugin Development”.